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Scott Hiltzik - Composer, Pianist and Educator

Scott Hiltzik is a composer, pianist and educator. As a composer his music has been performed by major orchestras from the Boston Pops to the San Francisco Symphony in venues ranging from Carnegie Hall to the Sydney Opera House. As a pianist he performs in Southern California, frequently with his original jazz quartet, House of Games. Recent recordings include classical, jazz, Celtic, Christmas and collaborations with international artists. As a piano teacher he brings his wide range of musical knowledge to his students, helping them learn the underlying language of music which they can apply to any musical genre. Teaching all ages, skill levels and musical styles. Beginners are welcome.

Jonathan McEuen

Jonathan McEuen first got his family's attention when they heard him singing along to a song on the radio at the age of two. By the time he was seven, he was performing onstage at his Dad's annual Rocky Mountain Opry show at the famous Colorado venue, Red Rocks. He was soon acting in plays which led to him landing the lead role in a high school production of The King and I, although he was still attending elementary school. By the age of twelve he was under contract with Disney to appear in The Mickey Mouse Club during the Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera era. "That fell through because I couldn't tap dance," McEuen says.

Movino Wine Bar & Gallery

Movino Wine Bar & Gallery - owner and creator Maureen Clark brings a little bit of Europe to Ojai. Movino Wine Bar & Gallery's sophistication and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of the wine bar's offerings and appointments, and the result is an inviting and exciting destination creation. From the soothing waterfall to the cushioned love seats, the scene is set for enjoyment. When in beautiful Ojai, California, please come visit Movino Wine Bar & Gallery located in "The Arcade" in downtown Ojai.

Movino Wine Bar & Gallery at

Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen -Brett Dennen has "that thing." Inspired fans describe it: "lush shimmering vocals, an intricately groovin' guitar style, a lyrical beauty rare in a young songwriter," and "this soulful blend of everything that feels good." Rising up around him is music; transcending genres, genders and generations.

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RageJax Foundation

RageJax Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes music and arts programs to at-risk children who would normally not have the opportunity available.

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Ojai Music Festival

Ojai Music Festival - Established in 1947 by music aficionado John Bauer, the Ojai Music Festival has fostered a healthy spirit of eclecticism in its adventurous programs, gaining a worldwide reputation for attracting artists who are given artistic freedom as they perform exceptional pieces of classical music.

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World Beats

World Beats - Musical Instruments Library - Learn about Bones, Drums, Bodhrans and rare world music percussion instruments. CD's, Videos, Instruments and Instructional material available for purchase. Hear sample sounds by multi-ethnic drummer/percussionist, Aaron Plunkett, as heard in the epic film Titanic.

The Ojai Deer Lodge Restaurant

The Ojai Deer Lodge Restaurant - this charming restaurant boasts a cowboy-friendly vibe with an unbeatable Sunday barbeque. The Deer Lodge maintains an atmosphere of ruggedness and independence while expressing something romantic and cozy, a sort of “cowboy highlife”. The upstairs and downstairs dining rooms and tavern-like bar blend an air of a cozy, hunting lodge with the genuine comfort of a well tended home.

The Ojai Deer Lodge Restaurant at

Raymond Powers – Musician and Artist

Raymond Powers – Musician and Artist - for two decades, as one of the pioneers of "ambient" and East/West fusion, Raymond Powers has been exploring his unique blend of multi-cultural music, using both traditional instruments and modern technology to accompany his passionate, exotic vocal stylings and instrumental music. He has studied with Western, African, Native American and East Indian music masters. Uniting audiences, his performances inspire the message of peace through music.

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The Maheekats

The Maheekats - three piece rock band from Ojai that promotes self awareness.

Peace Thru Music

Peace Thru Music - Peace Thru Music Peace Thru Music thanks the many sponsors and supporters who make the dream a reality! is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit organization dedicated to helping kids develop their minds through music. Peace Thru Music donates musical instruments to schools, agencies and individuals who otherwise would not be able to obtain instruments.

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Paradise Artists

Paradise Artists - International Entertainment and Booking Agency providing top entertainers from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Classic Rock, Variety, Big Bands and Jazz.

Plexus Studio

Plexus Studio is located in Meiners Oaks, in the Ojai Valley. Plexus offers classes in ballet, yoga, hip hop, and much more for both kids and adults. Pilates, theatre sports and tai chi are on the way. Plexus Studio is located at 505 W. El Roblar. You can reach the studio at (805)-646-1143.

Ojai Community Chorus

Ojai Community Chorus - want to sing?