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Remy Sol Coffee

Remy Sol CoffeeRemy Sol Coffee brings you exquisite artisan coffee directly from the source: 100% delicious Dota/Tarrazu coffee, roasted in small batches by a cooperative of small farmers who grow, pick and mill the beans. The Dota-Tarrazu region, with its elevation (4500-6000 feet), volcanic soils and cloud forest climate, is widely recognized as consistently producing one of the world’s finest coffees, noted for its rich aroma, forward acidity and complex flavors.

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Zhena's Gypsy Tea

Zhena's Gypsy Tea - our amazing teas are certified Organic and Fair Trade. The full bodied, flavorful blends are loved by cafe goers nationwide. They are artisan blended with essential oils, organic fruit extracts, spices, flowers and herbs which stir your heart and open your mind to possibility! Enjoy higher consciousness by drinking a tea that enables us to fund the dreams of our plantation workers worldwide with hope, healing and opportunity. Zhena's Gypsy Tea is the proud winner of the Socially Responsible Business Award.

Ojai Pixie Tangerines

Ojai Pixie Tangerine Growers grow the best springtime tangerines. About 20 tangerine growers - family-scale farmers all of us - have a total of about 25,000 tangerine trees in southern California's beautiful Ojai Valley. Our tangerines come ripe sometime in March, and we sell them both wholesale and direct for as long as we have fruit to sell, usually sometime in May or June.

The Farmer and the Cook

The Farmer and the Cook, your organic grocery and café in cheery Meiners Oaks. We are a locally owned, operated and supplied store and cafe. We are committed to organic and sustainable agriculture. eat and be well.

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The Old Creek Ranch Winery

The Old Creek Ranch Winery is owned and managed by John and Carmel Whitman. Carmel is the daughter of Mike and Carmel Maitland, the original founders of the winery in 1981. Chuck Branham, also one of the original founders, remains in charge of winemaking.

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Ojai Vineyard

The Ojai Vineyard, owned by Adam & Helen Tolmach, works closely with a dozen different vineyards on the Central Coast of California and produces wines from syrah, grenache, mourvedre, pinot noir, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and viognier. About 6000 cases are produced each year, divided between 15 bottlings, most of which are vineyard designated wines.

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Stir Crazy Coffee

Stir Crazy Coffee - come and join us in the coffee garden in the back, stroll through the nursery grounds next door or hook up with our free wireless internet.

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George's Organics International

George's Organics International - we supply bulk certified organic ingredients to food manufacturers and food service companies. We act not as a broker, but as a sourcing agent on behalf of our clients, which means we earn a commission based on a predetermined rate. Our long-term relationships have led to strategic alliances which allow us to offer high-quality products with aggressive pricing. Many times, we're able to get lower prices than you could if you "went direct". And because we don't have a retail line of our own, we never compete with our clients over often-limited organic ingredients. We work for you.

Ojai Certified Farmers Market

Ojai Certified Farmers Market - locally grown fresh fruits & vegetables harvested daily. Jams, Honey, Bees Wax Candles, Crusty European Style Breads, Fresh Locally Caught Seafood, Olive Oil, Free Range Eggs, Nuts & Dried Fruit, Tasty Prepared Food, Fresh Cut Flowers, Plants, Orchids & Bonsai Trees, Handmade Soap and much more.

Rainbow Bridge Natural Food Store

Rainbow Bridge Natural Food Store provides a wide range of healthy and natural products. In the general store, we carry a vast selection of specialty foods, many of which are made from organic ingredients and formulated for special diets. All of our produce is fresh, most of it is organic and some from local farms.

Rainbow Bridge Natural Food Store at

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California Lavender

California Lavender - California Lavender celebrates the flavor of flowers, fruits and herbs in jellies, vinegars and other deliciously different foods.

Rincon Gold Tuna

Rincon Gold Tuna - We sell only Sashimi Grade, Pole and Line or Troll-Caught, Premium Albacore Tuna. No water or vegetable oil has been added. Our cans contain a hand filleted, hand packed solid piece of young albacore tuna with only a pinch of salt. Caught Young.. Our Tuna has Minimal to No Mercury Traces...Rincon Gold tuna has no fishy taste or smell. It is simply the best tasting tuna on the market.

Going Organic

Going Organic - "My desire and goal is to teach everyone who is interested in a healthier way to grow food and ornamental plants how to start out and how to make their endeavor profitable- whether for their own family or for thousands of buyers around the globe. When people learn the benefits of not only farming, but growing organically, they will wonder why anyone ever suggested the first chemical product for our gardens." - Jay North

Healing For Bliss

Healing For Bliss is a holistic health organization providing services for nutrition, cleansing and living foods. We are here to guide you with your cleanse, help you develop the right food plan, and to provide living food services and education that support maintaining a healthy lifestyle in our busy lives.

Garlic Gold

Garlic Gold - 100% organic, 100% unique and 100% hand made these Gourmet Garlic Condiments™ turn any meal in to a gourmet dining experience! From the crunch of the garlic to the subtle garlic infusion of the highest quality, first cold press organic-extra virgin olive oil, these gourmet delights are one of a kind. Perfect for cooking or as a condiment, drizzle, shake or spoon them!

Edible Ojai

Edible Ojai is an award-winning quarterly newsletter which promotes the abundance of local foods, season by season – we celebrate our small family farmers, farmers market vendors and local chefs for their dedication to producing the highest quality, organic, fresh and seasonal foods. The fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, cheese and other artisanally produced foods they bring to the table are what makes our community an interesting and healthy food community to live and work in.

Casa Barranca Wines

Casa Barranca Wines - At Casa Barranca, we endeavor to find a synthesis of the finest Old World traditions with appropriate contemporary tools and techniques to handcraft extraordinary wine. We believe in natural, sustainable practices, and continue to strive for an optimal balance in our approach to wine making.

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Ojai Culinary School

Ojai Culinary School - The intimate Lavender Inn, originally built in 1874, is the setting for the innovative Ojai Culinary School. The new cooking school will offer a wide variety of hands-on demonstration cooking classes ranging from visiting chefs to local artisanal cooks. The emphasis on the cooking classes is to develop technique and expertise along with a sense of ease in the kitchen. Wine Pairings and International Cooking Demonstration Dinners will be another faction of the Ojai Culinary School. Come join us for the kick-off in our kitchen!

Ojai Culinary Studio

Ojai Culinary Studio - offering intimate, casual cooking classes for all ages and levels of expertise ranging from beginning cooks to more experienced people seeking to expand their cooking knowledge.

Friend's Ranch

Friend's Ranch - Our family has been growing citrus in the Ojai Valley for over 100 years! Throughout this time our operation has gone through a lot of changes, expansions and cuts as well as changes in the fruit we grow and how we sell it. We currently attend four farmers’ markets in Southern California year-round as well as selling directly from our packinghouse. Excess fruit is sold wholesale or donated to the local food share. Our goal is to grow, pack and sell the best fruit we can that you, the consumer, demand. We hope you find our fruit as delicious as we do!!

The Garden Diet

The Garden Diet - learn how the raw-vegan diet can help you maintain your ideal weight and body shape, restore your youth and health, lengthen your life, and prevent illness without sacrificing the joy of eating a variety of delicious and easy to prepare foods.