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RageJax Foundation

RageJax Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes music and arts programs to at-risk children who would normally not have the opportunity available.

Raechel "Rage" and Jacqueline "Jax" Houck believed that there may be a Picasso or a Beethoven living in a small poor village in Costa Rica, but for the lack of exposure to art and music, it would be an opportunity lost for that child.

In October, 2004 while traveling to Santa Cruz, two sisters from Ojai, Raechel and Jacqueline Houck, were involved in a horrific accident that took their young lives. Twenty-four year old Raechel, known to friends and family as "Rage" and her twenty year old sister "Jax" were returning from a visit with their mother when the mid-day accident happened on a stretch of Highway 101 near King City, California.

Memorial services for Rage and Jax were held in Ojai, California, as well as, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, and Ventura with a special Mass for the sisters in Santa Maria a. Monte in Toscana, Italy which was home to Rage for two years. Rage and Jax were loved by all who knew them and the Ventura services brought more that 500 people together to celebrate the short but vibrant lives of these two remarkable young women.