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elevation construction co.

elevation construction co. provides sustainable building solutions and vastu shastra. May your Home be Healthy, Happy and in Harmony !
* 35 years experience in all phases of building.
* Kitchens / Bathrooms / Whole house - Construction & Renovations
* Full Service Contractor and Architect
* Sustainable Building Solutions

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Renewable Energy Concepts

Renewable Energy Concepts - REC Solar is your solar electricity specialist. We specialize in making solar an accessible, turnkey solution for our customers and partners. With over a decade of experience and several million watts of solar installed, we can help you experience the benefits of your own on-site solar power.

David Bury & Co. Architects

David Bury & Co. Architects - a full-service architectural firm located in Ojai, California.

Whitman Architectural Design

Whitman Architectural Design - Nature is the standard which on we weigh our sense of beauty. Integrating architecture and nature is the ultimate marriage of mind and heart.

Tony's T House

Tony's T House - T Houses are inspired by meditation pavilions and the traditional Japanese tea house adapted for western needs. Originator, international artist-architect, Tony Gwilliam explains " For years I have contained a simple house, maybe a Taoist's home and many times I have sketched a simple structure- a space for conscious living. Whilst traveling in Bali I often found myself staying in simple pavilions amongst the rice fields. I felt happy there, protected from the sun and rain yet connected to the universe around me. Watching the moon, listening to the insects, feeling in touch with my essence. One day in 1996, this brilliant yet simple T house design came to me and the first T House was soon hand-crafted in Ojai, California, later to be followed by others back in Indonesia, its birthplace. Each is imbued with its own feeling of place ."

California Solar Electric

California Solar Electric - "We just get a thrill every time we start another meter spinning backwards. To relax we kayak, mountain bike and take solar powered hot tubs. Clean, renewable energy is the real deal! Will you join us?"

West Wood Design & Build

West Wood Design & Build - Professional design, planning and construction. Guest house construction specialist