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Ojai Healers is the one-stop resource for alternative and traditional healing in Ojai and Ventura County. Find a healing destination or healer to provide you with the knowledge, treatment and healing you need.

Ojai Village Pharmacy

Ojai Village Pharmacy is your neighborhood drug store that you know and trust. For over 110 years, Ojai Village has been an independently owned business. Our pharmacists will address questions and concerns completely and confidentially. Our customers are very important to us.

Alpha Sensory

Alpha Sensory Multi Sensory Design - ALPHA SENSORY invites qualified therapists, healers, and practitioners to inner-journey within personal "multisensory environments". These prototype systems bring together sophisticated mind-body technologies into a single synergetic tool integrating wraparound visuals, 3-D sound, tactile stimulation and a unique, patented aromatherapy delivery system. Personalized experiences with advanced biofeedback interface, totally controllable by the therapist.

Both system prototypes are currently located in Ojai, California.

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Tony's T House

Tony's T House - T Houses are inspired by meditation pavilions and the traditional Japanese tea house adapted for western needs. Originator, international artist-architect, Tony Gwilliam explains " For years I have contained a simple house, maybe a Taoist's home and many times I have sketched a simple structure- a space for conscious living. Whilst traveling in Bali I often found myself staying in simple pavilions amongst the rice fields. I felt happy there, protected from the sun and rain yet connected to the universe around me. Watching the moon, listening to the insects, feeling in touch with my essence. One day in 1996, this brilliant yet simple T house design came to me and the first T House was soon hand-crafted in Ojai, California, later to be followed by others back in Indonesia, its birthplace. Each is imbued with its own feeling of place ."