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Ojai Network: Theater & Film in Ojai

Ojai Performing Arts League (OPAL)

Ojai Performing Arts League (OPAL) brings together a wealth of talent that collectively encourages and nurtures the growth of performing arts in Ojai through various projects. It has as its members a virtual who's who of the performing arts in Ojai, from the venues and festivals to actors, musicians, writers, playwrights and other uber-creatives.

Theater 150

Theater 150 was constructed in an abandoned pool hall by Kim Maxwell-Brown and Dwier Brown in 1997 to offer Ventura County audiences an intimate theater experience that Kim calls “theater in your lap”. Theater 150 also offers acting, writing, and directing classes for all ages through The Conservatory at Theater 150.

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Ojai Shakespeare Festival

Ojai Shakespeare Festival is a non-profit, community-based organization which brings to life the language, music and spirit of Shakespeare for audiences of all ages.

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Ojai Playwrights Conference

Ojai Playwrights Conference is one of the few developmental groups left that values the reading and workshop process as an important avenue through which playwrights can more fully realize their intentions with a play. Ours is a conference centered around playwrights and their new plays. We believe the theatre can be a vital and essential forum for the exchange of new and challenging ideas about the world in which we live. We seek out plays and playwrights who share this vision.

Ojai Film Festival

Ojai Film Festival, like the new millennium, was launched in 2000 with great vision and promise. Conceived as an independent film festival set in the enchanting town of Ojai - only 70 miles from Hollywood - the Festival has since grown into a world-class showcase nestled in the pristine mountains of Southern California.

The Ojai Film Society

The Ojai Film Society is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to enriching the cultural life of Ventura County, California through a variety of motion picture-related events presented throughout the year.

Ojai Performing Arts Theater Academy

Ojai Performing Arts Theater Academy -
MISSION STATEMENT: The Ojai Performing Arts Theater Academy offers students who demonstrate above-average artistic ability, potential, or interest, a high-quality academic and practical education in performing arts taught by professional artists. OPATA seeks to broaden its students' and community's bases of understanding, appreciation, and support for the arts by offering classes, lectures, hands-on experience, and community partnerships to foster teaching and performance opportunities for academy students.

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Ojai Storytelling Festival

Ojai Storytelling Festival - assembling an international line-up of tellers that will transport listeners around the globe. Join acclaimed storytellers Syd Lieberman, Nyla Fuji-Babb, Baba Jamal Koram, Glenis Redmond, Antonio Rocha, Niall de Burca and Jim Cogan for a weekend where stories take center stage in the beautiful setting of Ojai.

Catherine Ann Jones - Coaching for Actors

Learn tips for auditions
Perfect audition monologues
Integrate who you are into the roles you play

Catherine Ann Jones lives in Ojai and offers private coaching in both modern and classical roles, preparing audition monologues, and eventually ongoing classes in scene study and improvisation for actors and writers. Call 805 646-7601.

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Ojai Renaissance Faire

Ojai Renaissance Faire - the glistening azure waters of Lake Casitas make a perfect background to showcase 16th century life in the "Village of Wixonshire" that will be created there for a weekend of magical involvement by participants and visitors who interact to transport themselves back in time to the glories of Queen Elizabeth's Court.

Ojai Playhouse

Ojai Playhouse - home of Ojai's one screen movie theater, playing first run movies, documentaries and more.

Ojai Art Center Theather

Ojai Art Center Theather - theater performed at the Ojai Art Center