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Our Shangri La: Cultural Ojai

icon-on-culture1.gifBrowse our Ojai culture directory - things to do, people to see and places to be in Ojai. Ojai is a treasure trove of artists and galleries, live music, film and theater, and other events unique to Ojai. Find peace. Contribute to the Ojai community. Read a book or magazine. Enjoy!

Ojai Music Festival

Ojai Music Festival - Established in 1947 by music aficionado John Bauer, the Ojai Music Festival has fostered a healthy spirit of eclecticism in its adventurous programs, gaining a worldwide reputation for attracting artists who are given artistic freedom as they perform exceptional pieces of classical music.

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California Gold Coast Discovery Map

Meeting the needs of both visitors and local businesses, the new California Gold Coast Discovery Map has transformed the traditional grid map into a fun and functional, hand-illustrated, interpretive map that captures the essence of Ojai, Ventura and Oxnard.

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