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Renewable Energy Concepts

Renewable Energy Concepts - REC Solar is your solar electricity specialist. We specialize in making solar an accessible, turnkey solution for our customers and partners. With over a decade of experience and several million watts of solar installed, we can help you experience the benefits of your own on-site solar power.

The WILD Foundation

The WILD Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), non-governmental organization founded in the United States in 1974 by South African Ian Player, and based in Ojai, California. For 29 years, WILD has worked around the world to protect highly threatened wilderness areas and wildlife.

Ojai Valley Whale Society

Ojai Valley Whale Society - California's first fossilized 25,000,000 year-old toothed baleen whales were discovered at Lake Casitas on January 19, 2000 by Ojai resident Aaron Plunkett. Dr. Lawrence Barnes, chief paleontologist of the marine mammal lab at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, confirmed authenticity of the specimens brought to him by Mr. Plunkett. Dr. Barnes examined a lumbar vertebrae and two congruent right mandible jawbones deducing that two prehistoric whales exist.

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy

The Ojai Valley Land Conservancy is a community-based, nonprofit group of more than 1,200 private citizens and landowners working for the common goal of protecting and restoring open space in the Ojai Valley for your benefit and the benefit of future generations.

Phoenix Motorcars

Phoenix Motorcars, headquartered in Ojai, California, is an early leader in the mass production of full function, freeway speed electric automobiles. The mission of Phoenix Motorcars is to manufacture zero emission vehicles to reduce the toxic emissions of the largest contributor to air pollution, personal automobiles.

Ojai Valley Organics

Ojai Valley Organics - Bring in your greenwaste to us. We are located at the end of Old Baldwin Road. We process the greenwaste into mulch and other organic products that benefit organic agriculture abd natural landscaping.

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Wildland Fire Specialists

Wildland Fire Specialists offer services to solve wildland fire problems. Doug Campbell is a qualified Fire Behavior Analyst and provides FBA services on wildfires and prescribed fires. He is developing improvements in prescribed burn planning and implementation. These improvements are being used by the Ventura County Fire Dept. and details will be furnished upon request. Wildland Fire Specialists is available for consultation services on a variety of special wildfire exposure problems such as community planning.

The Ventura River Project

The Ventura River Project, in southern California is on the coast about 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles. The 90,000-acre project area is fan-shaped--the main Ventura River Valley runs north-south from the Topatopa Mountains down to the Pacific and several side valleys drained by tributaries of the Ventura River funnel into the main basin from the east and west. An additional strip of project land (Rincon) lies parallel with and outside of the basin along the Pacific coast northwest of the city of Ventura.

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Ojai Center for Regenerative Agriculture

Ojai Center for Regenerative Agriculture - Our mission is to promote all aspects of organic farming which build soils, limit synthetic pesticide release and curtail pollution and degradation of arable lands. We use model projects to educate students, homeowners, ranchers and farmers about sustainable food growing strategies, Permaculture design, native habitat creation and regeneration, tree planting and maintenance, community and urban forestry and organic certification as per the requirements of the Federal Organic Foods Production Act of 1993. We also provide outreach to other educational centers to help spread the use of sustainable designs.

California Solar Electric

California Solar Electric - "We just get a thrill every time we start another meter spinning backwards. To relax we kayak, mountain bike and take solar powered hot tubs. Clean, renewable energy is the real deal! Will you join us?"

Ojai Valley Alliance

Ojai Valley Alliance -What does the future hold for the Ojai Valley? How do we make decisions now for the legacy we leave our children and their children?

Free Our Forests

Free Our Forests is a regionally active, grass-roots organization opposed to the U.S. Forest Service Adventure Pass program in Southern California, the Northwest Forest Pass in Oregon, and all other forms of the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program nationally.

Keep Sespe Wild Committee

Keep Sespe Wild Committee (KSWC) is a non-profit watershed conservation organization begun early in 1988, to preserve Sespe Creek, one of Southern California's last free-flowing rivers. Of the Sespe's 55 miles, 31.5 were given federal Wild & Scenic River status in 1991. Since 1997, KSWC has been working hard at fighting the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program, as it applies to the National Forests. Under this program, National Forests across the country are now permitted to levy a fee for entering.


Save-Ojai - community development is about building active and sustainable communities based on mutual respect. It is about changing power structures to remove the barriers that prevent people from participating in the issues that affect their lives.

Prime Solar

Prime Solar has been serving the Ojai Valley since 1984. Bill Sibner is the proprietor and is committed to saving energy by the appropriate use of solar technologies.