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National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation - the mission of the Search Dog Foundation is to produce the most highly trained canine disaster search teams in the nation. The job of these teams is to find people buried alive in the wreckage of natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

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The Pet Psychic

The Pet Psychic - Laura Stinchfield is a nationally known dog trainer and Animal Communicator. She has trained with such people as Linda Tellington Jones, the founder of T-Touch Massage for animals. She continues to attend animal communication seminars. From her home in California, Laura has managed to communicate with hundreds of pets.

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PartiAnimalz is a traveling petting zoo that is a family owned local business. Our services include education, animal nutrition, dove display, dove release, full petting zoo and bunny parties for all kinds of parties and events. PartiAnimalz does support the OVBRC, the Oak View School, and the Help of Ojai. We believe animals are an important part of the earth's life cycle which provides sustainability to the plants and other life forms of the earth. Our services are supported by a UC Santa Cruz Biologist. Contact PartiAnimalz via email -

Dog Friendly of Ojai

Dog Friendly of Ojai - are you looking for a safe place to socialize your dog? Do you have a busy schedule? Are you going out of town, going shopping, or do you just want a day off? Don't leave your pooch at home; Let your dog come to our home and play in a supervised, caring and safe environment instead of sitting alone!

Naturally For Paws

Naturally For Paws - a pet store for dogs and cats dedicated to their health and well being through natural pet food. Owner Susan Nodar's aim was for a people-friendly, spotlessly clean pet store where employees are knowledgeable about pet nutrition and to help pets attain optimum health through natural pet food nutrition, working with the pet's natural healing process. Naturally for Paws specializes in species appropriate diets - raw foods and supplements and the best quality processed foods.

Paul's Pet Food

Paul's Pet Food - proud of our products, and the service we have provided to so many people. The company is keenly aware of the bond between pet owners and their pets. By providing a solid foundation premium product for the health and well being of those pets, our success and the success of our distributors has been realized.

The Equine Sanctuary

The Equine Sanctuary - Every day hundreds of extraordinary horses are injured at the racetrack, on polo fields, and in all equestrian disciplines. These talented horses performed at the highest level in the competitive world of racing, show jumping, eventing and polo; the very horses you cheered to the finish line. They are the same caliber of professional horses behind such films as Seabiscuit, Pharlap and Dreamer.

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Equine Equilibrium

Equine Equilibrium - Van Harding specializes in healing arts and equine science. It is the same for the horse as for the human that health includes the three realms of body, mind and spirit. Therapies such as acupressure and massage, combined with sciences such as gait analysis and saddle fit, define and resolve many common problems and injuries our horses are experiencing.

Spay/Neuter Animal Network (SPAN)

Spay/Neuter Animal Network (SPAN) is made up of a TOTALLY VOLUNTEER group of dedicated women and men and supported entirely from donations and proceeds from our Thrift and Gift shop. We endeavor to make sure that every effort is made to raise public awareness of the pet over-population problem and the cycle of irresponsible breeding, unwanted births and subsequent deaths of companion animals. We provide financial aid, when necessary, for those who would otherwise be unable to spay or neuter their pets.

The Humane Society of Ventura County

The Humane Society of Ventura County is dedicated to promoting humane care and protection of animals. A private, non-profit, humane organization, they receive no federal, state or local tax dollars, nor do they share in membership dues from national organizations such as the Humane Society of The United States and the ASPCA.