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Grounded By Nature

Grounded By Nature was created to encourage a way of life that cannot occur in a conventional classroom. Based on a spectacular Oak Grove Indian archaeological site, which is also home to a one and a half acre certified organic farm, the program’s diverse and talented staff creates a well rounded, interconnected set of experiences, including organic gardening, herbal studies, permaculture design, primitive and wilderness skills, music and martial arts, math and writing which woven together yield a deep understanding of the science that runs through all things.

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Wheeler Gorge Campground

Wheeler Gorge Campground - located on a year round stream bordered by trees running the length of the campground. Most sites are shaded. Summer temperatures range from 75-95 degrees. There is a nature trail adjacent to the campground. Roads are paved. Restrooms are provided. Campground is open all year round. Maximum of 8 people per site. Distance from ocean is 30 miles. No kayaking. Stream not stocked.

Casitas Trailer Rentals

Casitas Trailer Rentals - rent a trailer from Casitas Trailer Rentals and the professional staff will have it all set up for you at the campgrounds. Drive up in the family car (which you'll have for errands while you're camping) and enjoy your vacation. Easy drive, no setup, local staff. What could be easier?