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Stephen Carter - Painter

Stephen Carter - PainterStephen Carter’s perceptual oil paintings display an active rendering of light through vigorous brushwork that nuances Asian and Western painting techniques. An Ojai native, his landscapes are informed by many years of observation and practice. His still life paintings are charged with dynamic invention and references.

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Carole Topalian - Photographer

Carole Topalian is a critically acclaimed photographer whose work has been exhibited in museums and galleries including the Armand Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, California; the Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin, Texas; The Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, California; and the Jan Kesner Gallery, Los Angeles, California. Her photographs have been exhibited in nearly 70 shows throughout the United States and Europe. Ms. Topalian has traveled extensively while photographing on assignment including locations in North Africa, Spain, China, South America and Indonesia.

Teal Rowe Handblown Glass

Teal Rowe embodies the pioneer spirit of the early glass artisans just as the work draws inspiration from them. With a deeply ingrained work ethic that guards her against complacency no matter how successful she becomes, Rowe continues to study and learn new techniques—pushing her own boundaries, as well as those of her chosen medium.

Organic Art Company

organic art companyThe mission of Organic Art Company is to share and to bring together community through the arts in a holistic way. We want to bring more happiness and a sense of spirit and positive energy into people's lives. Functional art is a great way to bring the light into the home, yoga studio, office, etc. All the art you will see is either hand-painted or from original drawings and paintings. The intention is to have high quality art available with friendly and great service.

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Ojai Originals

Ojai Originals presents an array of unique gift items from the lovely Ojai Valley situated 13 miles from the ocean in Southern California. Ojai is nestled in a ring of beautiful coastal mountains and carpeted with groves of citrus, avocado, and olive trees. Oaks mingle with cactus, succulents and the native chaparral. All this combined with our mild climate provides abundant inspiration and an environment conducive to creativity. We have a thriving community of artists and artisans that you can now visit online. As artists ourselves, we have a keen eye for unique, high quality pieces. Sought out from the Farmers Market to the artist's studio, it is our pleasure to share these original creations with you.

Theodore Gall - Sculptor

Theodore Gall studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art. He has served as a consultant to the Art Institute and to the Illinois Arts Council, and has shared his knowledge with students in Illinois as well as at the Ojai Art Center. The human form has always been his primary focus. He enjoys placing his compelling figures in thought provoking situations.

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Jennifer Moses, Artist

Jennifer Moses: "Painting cultivates my relationship with the honesty and grace of nature, which pours into all aspects of my life, not just my work. As the observer, I witness the details of what is before me and as the artist, I translate what I see and feel onto the canvases I paint. The process for me is a celebration of beauty and the interrelatedness of all things."

Otto Heino's Pot Shop

Otto Heino's Pot Shop - Otto Heino is a true working craftsman, his life and work shaped by the craft movement of the post-World-War II studio craft movement. Attracted to the life-style of the craftsman, he remained true to his vision of pursuing excellence in the art of clay as a potter and sharing his productivity with others.

Leslie Clark - Artist

Leslie Clark paints and sketches as she roams Saharan Africa -- a kindred spirit of the Wodaabe and Tuareg Nomads. Mutual respect and admiration between the artist and the peoples of her inspiration yields beautiful, uniquely expressive images of living art.

Sue Halstenberg - Artist

Sue Halstenberg: “These paintings are a product of my journey into deeper self-discovery. Something that catches my attention that I’m naturally attracted to is what I start with. A symbol, a statue, or a myth that I can energetically connect with and be inspired by. After that, I let go and allow the creative force to flow through me. Often I don’t even feel like I’ve done the painting, it’s like it painted itself!”

Michael McFadden Photography

Michael McFadden Photography - Commercial, Portrait, Studio, & Stock Photos. Welcome to the source for photographs that shine on your world, peak your imagination, stir your soul and make you smile.

Threads of Joy

Threads of Joy specializes in unique and custom handwoven wool or rag rugs, saddle blankets and scarves. All of Joy's rugs and blankets are original designs.

Gallery Luscombe

Gallery Luscombe - Kelly Luscombe paints in oil and acrylic on canvas and wooden hinged triptychs in a provocative, narrative style. She employs portraiture and still life painting (everyday household objects of garments, shoes, china, old lamps) to tell a story or evoke an emotion. Her art works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in solo and group shows. She is known nationwide for her portrait miniatures inside triptychs. Art viewers are invited to play hide and seek with the triptych doors. Closed, the the painting summons one mood, showing the shoes of the figure inside and bits of the background on top and bottom. Opened, the triptych doors surprise the viewer with the entire portrait and background, revealing Luscombe’s compelling, often quirky choice of subjects.

Firehouse Pottery & Gallery

Firehouse Pottery & Gallery - at Massarella’s Firehouse Pottery our goal is excellence in utilitarian ware. We strive to integrate art and function with the beauty of ceramics.

David Baker - Photographer

David Baker - Photographer - David Baker is internationally known for his creative web site and graphic designs. He is best known in the United States is for his web site design on the 1995 Academy Awards, Super Bowl XXX, Microsoft Windows NT site, and the California State Legislature.

Christine Brennan - Artist

Christine Brennan - Artist - Often dreamlike and enigmatic, Christine Brennan's work features a host of symbolic and allegorical reference. Brennan's images draw from the unconscious, leading the viewer into richly-lit narratives that evoke personal stories and associations.

Robert Lamarche - Artist

Ojai artist Robert Lamarche has been making his home in California for almost 25 years. His illustration work -- computer generated and traditional media -- have appeared in the pages of hundreds of magazines and books over the years, while his sculptural work, both in paper and clay, has been very well received by collectors and by the art community.

Beatrice Wood's Studio

Beatrice Wood's Studio - The Happy Valley Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of The Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, housed in the Happy Valley homes once occupied by Beatrice Wood and her good friend Rosalind Rajagopal. The Center will feature a permanent exhibition sharing Beatrice Wood’s life story with memorabilia, her collection of folk art and wonderful examples of her ceramic art. There will also be space for changing exhibitions featuring work by contemporary artists.

Reinhard Studio

Reinhard studied design and composition in his native Germany. In 1961, he entered the United States, at the age of twenty, to continue his education at the Art Center School in Los Angeles. Within the next fifteen years, his productivity spanned from dozens of animated TV commercials, to motion picture titles, to more than a hundred life-sized paper sculptures and scenic set designs for major network variety shows and TV specials, such as: Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Diana Ross, Bill Cosby and Carol Brunett to name a few.

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Karen K. Lewis - Artist

Karen K. Lewis is primarily a studio painter who works in oils, on a large scale.

Julia Pfeifer Bead Design

Julia Pfeifer Bead Design - As a master beadweaver and designer of distinctive beaded art wear, Julia Pfeifer has perfected a wide variety of techniques. She has concentrated her dexterity on one of the most intricate of beadweaving mediums, microbeading. Each antique Italian bead is smaller than the head of a pin (18-20 ott), enabling Julia to design and render intricate pictorial pieces of extraordinary dimension and shading, a feat virtually impossible to accomplish with other mediums. Due to the increasing scarcity of these beads, which have not been produced since the 1920’s, each of these woven pieces is a collectors item. Inspired by her earlier work in textiles design, in which subtle colors and textures were key to her creations, Julia employs unique and innovative use of traditional stitches to achieve the desired complexity for her original, custom beadwork designs.

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Ojai Studio Artists

Ojai Studio Artists - Join us for this leisurely self-paced tour over the charming backroads of Ojai. Enjoy the variety within the beautiful Ojai Valley, from the pink sunsets on the Topa Topa Mountains to the orchards covering the valley floor. Visit the studios of long-time artists, favorites and newcomers.

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Kate Hoffman Paintings and Prints

Kate Hoffman, Ojai artist, is an award winning painter and illustrator whose work has been shown extensively during her 30 year career. Hoffman’s original paintings and fine art prints are informed by a lifetime of travel and experience. Los Angeles Times art critic, Josef Woodard, says of her water-inspired paintings: "Not content to just dwell on the shore, she slathers painterly love on the water, in all its fluid blueness, which takes on a life of it’s own."

Nancy Rupp Studio

Nancy Rupp Studio - cards, clothing and gifts at a downtown Ojai studio.

Jane Jennings Studio

Jane Jennings Studio - "You never do not know"

Studio Sauvegeau

Studio Sauvegeau - You are welcome to savor the quintessential shopping experience at Studio Sauvageau, where you will find exquisitely handcrafted purses, bags and luggage created by owner/designer, Lisa Sauvageau.

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Don Lazo's Virtual Studio

Don Lazo's Virtual Studio - Don paints his large pieces in the studio after spending time on sight choosing the colors, composition, and movement that he wants to capture. You feel that you can step into his work. The light and shadow are so dramatic and real that you almost experience being there. His work has a certain romanticism to it just because of his love for the environment. It evokes those memories of that perfect sunset or that moment when the clouds shift the lighting just so.

David Reeser - Artist

David Reeser - Artist

Cassandra C. Jones – Artist

Cassandra C. Jones – Artist

ZS Creations

ZS Creations - Ojai artists, Zubin and Shahastra, give form to their many inspirations in a variety of mediums. Zubin and Shahastra’s creations can be viewed at the Studio of the Hills in the foothills overlooking the national forest.


maryoStudio - Limited Edition Fine Art Prints - figurative art, food related art, landscape painting and music inspired prints from Ojai artist Mary Ogle.

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