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The Ojai Post

ojai-post1.gifThe Ojai Post is a community blog, featuring Ojai residents from all walks of life writing about the unique Ojai experience. Ojai is a special place, not just for its geography, flora and fauna, small-town architecture and rich native American history - its also because of the people - talented, creative souls who tend to walk to the beat of their own drummer and carve their own path through life. Check in for daily musings, rants, Ojai news and greater goings-on from the place some call Shangri-La.

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Ojai Blog

ojai-blog1.gifOjai Blog - is a local online diary, providing a snapshot of Ojai activities, events and news. Visit for Ojai photos, reviews, politics, discussions and more.

Ojai Valley News

First known as "The Ojai," The Ojai Valley News has been in continuous publication since 1891, and serves a population of 30,000 people in the city of Ojai, California and surrounding areas. Ojai Valley Newspapers, LLC, the parent company of the twice-weekly Ojai Valley News, also publishes the quarterly Visitors Guide, the Ojai Valley Shopper and periodic community-oriented publications. In 2002, The Inland Press Foundation named the Ojai Valley News as the nation's best non-daily newspaper in the 5,000-and-under circulation category.

The Teachings of J. Krishnamurti

The Teachings of J. Krishnamurti - the purpose of is to be the central, authentic source of Krishnamurti's teachings online, making a wide variety of audio, video and text of Krishnamurti's works freely available.

Ventura County Star: Ojai

Ventura County Star: Ojai - the Ojai section of a major Ventura newspaper.

Ventura County Library

Ventura County Library - the mission of the Ventura County Library is to meet the general reading, life-long learning and informational needs of the people of Ventura County, with special focus on children, youth and families. Each of our sixteen libraries is responsive to the unique needs of its local community while participating in the efficient use of shared resources.

The New Spirit

The New Spirit mission is to serve as a primary resource for vital wellness solutions on all levels. We are dedicated to promoting the holistic principles of honoring the whole person — body, mind, and spirit — and we are equally committed to encouraging people to participate in their own health care and personal growth, as well as in family and community wellness.

The Imaginal Institute

The Imaginal Institute is a conduit for imagining: celebrating and supporting the leap between ideas and action through dialogue, lifelong learning, and creative expression. Imagination is a key to engaging the world with openness and passion. Without it, we have no empathy, no ability to look beyond the immediacy of our experience, no tools with which to analyze what we are told, taught, and shown. It is crucial to making meaning, and is a most powerful agent of change: if we cannot imagine other possibilities in either our own lives or in the communities around us, we cannot not move from our current circumstances.

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Matt Monarch

Matt Monarch - Matt Monarch is a 100% Raw; his diet consists of only raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. He is currently the owner of three different health promoting websites. After five years of eating a 100% raw food diet, Matt was inspired to write a book called Raw Spirit. He wanted to share information that he thought needed to be out there. Currently, Matt lives in Ojai, California.

Bart's Books Ojai

Bart's Books Ojai - "The World's Greatest Outdoor Bookstore" - Bart's Books, nestled under the 420 year old coastal live oak tree at the corner of Matilija and Canada streets in Ojai, CA, is the home to the largest independently owned and operated outdoor bookstore in the U.S.A.

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Lisa Snider - Finding Ojai

Lisa Snider writes first-person accounts of quintessential Ojai adventures reflecting her own self-deprecating humorous style. Written much like a food critic might review a restaurant, but instead of a restaurant her assignment might be a yoga class as seen through the eyes of an unwitting ingenue, who lacks flexibility and coordination! Many may find the real Ojai elusive or even a bit intimidating; most Ojaians live here for years without truly experiencing what makes this eccentric little enclave so unique. Lisa's columns blend discovered insider savvy with the amusing perspective of a skeptical novice to make these experiences entertaining and more approachable for the reader.

Krotona School of Theosophy

Since its founding in 1967, the Krotona School of Theosophy has been helping students deepen their understanding of theosophy, the ancient wisdom, in its many forms, and has encouraged them to live a spiritually oriented life. The school emphasizes "transformative education" which focuses on spiritual renewal. Such studies lead students to orient themselves to eternal truths in a changing world.

Krishnamurti Foundation of America

The Krishnamurti Foundation of America (KFA) began operations in 1969. It followed the formation of the Krishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd. in England in 1968 and was followed in 1971 by the Krishnamurti Foundation India. Its mission is to “preserve and disseminate the teachings of Krishnamurti”. This work includes the operation of the Oak Grove School, the Foundation Business Office, the Krishnamurti Archives, the Krishnamurti Study Center, the Krishnamurti Library, and Krishnamurti Publications of America [KPA].

Ojai Valley Library Friends & Foundation

Ojai Valley Library Friends & Foundation (OVLFF) is a volunteer organization dedicated to building community support to advance and ensure the public library's unique role as a vibrant center for lifelong learning and enrichment within and for the Ojai Valley.

Ojai in the Wikipedia

Ojai in the Wikipedia - Ojai (pronounced "O-High") is a city located in Ventura County, California. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 7,862, making it one of the smallest cities in the county. The town of Ojai is situated in the Ojai Valley, (10 miles long and 3 miles wide, approximately) surrounded by hills and mountains.

Ojai Newsstand

The Ojai Newsstand - eclectic magazines, refreshments and global connectivity for curious minds - Free wireless Internet with purchase.

The Digital Dojo

The Digital Dojo - We are the media. All of us, big and small. Independent or corporate. Workshops and services that empower people to be the media is what Ojai Digital Dojo is all about. Founded by Markus and his wife and partner Alicia, the Digital Dojo is a magical place to learn about creating and distributing audio and video over the web. Digital distribution in the digital age will make for great change in the very near future and this revolution will be televised.

Going Organic

Going Organic - "My desire and goal is to teach everyone who is interested in a healthier way to grow food and ornamental plants how to start out and how to make their endeavor profitable- whether for their own family or for thousands of buyers around the globe. When people learn the benefits of not only farming, but growing organically, they will wonder why anyone ever suggested the first chemical product for our gardens." - Jay North

Great Books Seminars In Ojai

Great Books Seminars In Ojai offers small groups of interested people a unique opportunity to consider and discuss these important themes over a series of inspiring weekend seminars. Join us for a retreat in Southern California’s beautiful Ojai Valley and explore the questions that have been debated through the centuries by the greatest minds of our civilization.

Edible Ojai

Edible Ojai is an award-winning quarterly newsletter which promotes the abundance of local foods, season by season – we celebrate our small family farmers, farmers market vendors and local chefs for their dedication to producing the highest quality, organic, fresh and seasonal foods. The fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, cheese and other artisanally produced foods they bring to the table are what makes our community an interesting and healthy food community to live and work in.

DMZ Publishing

DMZ Publishing - home of Local Hero Books, Table of Contents, Dances with Books and Your Wedding Day Magazine

Matilija Press

Matilija Press - Patricia Fry established Matilija Press when she self-published The Ojai Valley: An Illustrated History in 1983. Matilija Press has since published several additional books and counting.

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Ojai Valley Directory

Ojai Valley Directory online provides complete information for a local user, to someone visiting Ojai for the first time, and especially to those who are visiting Ojai Valley via the internet.

River Ganga Foundation

The River Ganga Foundation supports the American spiritual teacher John Sherman, who meets with people in many locations all over the United States to bring the good news of unconditional peace and freedom that he received from his Master, Gangaji.

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The Ojai California Phonebook

The Ojai California Phonebook

Ronda LaRue

Ronda LaRue is a writer, artist, and retreat facilitator living in Ojai California. Trained as a social psychologist, and having experienced the profound realization of personal undoing, Ronda's primary life work is dedicated to the Sacred Relationship of creative living!

The Garden Diet

The Garden Diet - learn how the raw-vegan diet can help you maintain your ideal weight and body shape, restore your youth and health, lengthen your life, and prevent illness without sacrificing the joy of eating a variety of delicious and easy to prepare foods.

Bardo Surfer

Bardo Surfer, aka, Mike Didj - I am an enigmatic independent cultured chameleon that can be likened to a bizarre fruit tree growing out of an asphalt road bearing ever-changing/evolving strange fruit.

Tom the Dog's You Know What I Like?

Tom the Dog's You Know What I Like? - a blog about all that is worthy in the Culture we call Pop. TV, Comics, Movies, TV, Music, Books, and a little TV as well. Updated every day, in a perfect world. The same world where Robert Redford, Warren Beatty, Kevin Costner and Mel Gibson had not all won Best Director Oscars before Martin Scorsese, J.D. Salinger had been as prolific as Stephen King, and Whoopi Goldberg was locked away where she could never hurt anyone ever again.