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Ojai Network: Manufacturers in Ojai

George's Organics International

George's Organics International - we supply bulk certified organic ingredients to food manufacturers and food service companies. We act not as a broker, but as a sourcing agent on behalf of our clients, which means we earn a commission based on a predetermined rate. Our long-term relationships have led to strategic alliances which allow us to offer high-quality products with aggressive pricing. Many times, we're able to get lower prices than you could if you "went direct". And because we don't have a retail line of our own, we never compete with our clients over often-limited organic ingredients. We work for you.

Phoenix Motorcars

Phoenix Motorcars, headquartered in Ojai, California, is an early leader in the mass production of full function, freeway speed electric automobiles. The mission of Phoenix Motorcars is to manufacture zero emission vehicles to reduce the toxic emissions of the largest contributor to air pollution, personal automobiles.


Uptimal manufactures the most innovative powered paragliders here in California, featuring the only fuel in frame system, thumb activated throttle, airbag harness, wheels, universal frame and more. We also run a paragliding and powered paragliding school in Ojai and Malibu as well as offer tandem rides and gift certificates.

Botanica BioScience

Botanica BioScience - the company has successfully integrated modern scientific and clinical research with clinically tested proprietary formulation protocols adapted from Traditional Medicine. Botanica’s products improve upon currently available health choices by addressing both symptoms and their underlying physiological causes. Botancia BioScience products offer substantial health benefits in a market that is demanding safe and effective natural products with scientifically validated health benefits.

Messermeister Cutlery

Messermeister is a true innovator of premier German cutlery. The company has been responsible for numerous category firsts, such as a professional Chef’s camber for precise rocking action and the bolster-less heel of the forged Chef’s blade so that allows the complete cutting edge to be re-sharpened. These innovations greatly improve both function and safety.

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Ojai Stitchworks

rel="nofollow"Ojai Stitchworks has grown into a successful vibrant business serving the needs of businesses across the country. We have doubled our manufacturing space and have added several capabilities including: embossing, screenprinting, and promotional items. Today, there are over 10 individuals eager to take care of our customers' needs.