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Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Ojai Valley Chamber of Commerce plays a major role in the business community and is a valuable resource for any new business.

Rains Of Ojai

Rains Of Ojai - The store now known as RAINS has been doing business in Ojai 130 years. A newlywed couple by the last name of Hebert opened its doors 1874. It “really was a “department store, for the shelves were divided into sections on which the goods were placed in each of their respective departments”.

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Vicki's Soap

Vicki's Soaps are made in Ojai, California and that is an important component. Her soap reflects the incredible beauty of the landscape; it's natural robust and visual impact. People tell her time after time that they have tried many natural soaps, and have never experienced one as excellent as hers.

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Organic Art Company

organic art companyThe mission of Organic Art Company is to share and to bring together community through the arts in a holistic way. We want to bring more happiness and a sense of spirit and positive energy into people's lives. Functional art is a great way to bring the light into the home, yoga studio, office, etc. All the art you will see is either hand-painted or from original drawings and paintings. The intention is to have high quality art available with friendly and great service.

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Merchant Tiger

Merchant Tiger - Reported to have befriended a legendary Mongolian tiger believed extinct, Merchant Tiger attained the name through stories abounding with often fantastic tales and legends of merchants excursions across distant tribal lands in search of authentic works of art and crafts from peoples far away from established routes of travel.

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Tottenham Court

Tottenham Court, located in the Arcade in Ojai, California, is a gift emporium, restaurant, and tea room which returns patrons to a gracious London of a time long past but fondly remembered. NOTE: THE CAFE EMPORIUM IS NO LONGER OPEN. "VESTA" NOW OCCUPIES THE SPACE.

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Ojai Sports Sporting Goods

Ojai Sports is committed to providing quality sporting goods and superior customer service to the Ojai Valley. A full service retail store, we offer silk screening, embroidery, and heat transfer lettering. We also specialize in team sales. From youth leagues to recreation leagues, high schools to colleges, Ojai Sports is your team sales dealer.

Serendipity Toys

Serendipity Toys started as a family operated business in 1979, largely from a desire to offer the community a source of high quality toys that would engage children in constructive play. We view our toy store as an active agent within the community. We do not carry "war toys" and avoid products that promote violence. We strive to stock our shelves with playthings that have lasting play value and encourage the use of imagination.

Ojai Ford

Ojai Ford - We offer superior sales and service for our valued customers. We are committed to serving our friends and customers and look forward to hearing from you.


bhavantu - located behind Lulu Bandha's Yoga, bhavantu has clothing and gifts for the yoga lifestyle.

Ojai Valley Surplus

Ojai Valley Surplus -
"There's no place like this place
anywhere near this place
so this must be the place"

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Rivendell Aromatics

Rivendell Aromatics -Our Lavender plants grow in rich soil on a west facing hillside, bathed in sunshine while cooled by the soft ocean breezes. This is an ideal growing system for healthy vigorous Lavender plants with very fragrant flowers. We harvest the Lavender flowers at the peak of aromatic perfection to sell in a number of different products, everything from wreaths and bundles, to sachets, comfort pillows, vegetale soaps, beeswax candles and True Essential Oil products.

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Goodpillows - Raid the closet. Empty that drawer. Send us your old Tee-shirt. We'll create a one-of-a-kind, custom pillow. No need to hide your old t-shirt when you can enjoy them as goodpillows. goodpillows ...out of the closet and onto the sofa because ... these old t-shirts are too good to waste.

Threads of Joy

Threads of Joy specializes in unique and custom handwoven wool or rag rugs, saddle blankets and scarves. All of Joy's rugs and blankets are original designs.

Humble Offerings

Humble Offerings - At ‘humble offerings’ we make beautiful, useful gift packages with a meaningful flair! We fill unique containers with extraordinary items and then creatively wrap each offering with fabric. Our intention is to offer gifts that embrace life’s many moments – gifts that arethoughtful, relevant and as much of a pleasure to give as they are to receive. Be sure to let us know of any custom wants and needs you have! We will gladly give you a quote for large events and parties. Giving is the best gift of all.

Gem Quest Jewelers & Gallery

Gem Quest Jewelers & Gallery - Owned by Meg Easling, Master Artist, designer jeweler and gemologist /graduate of the Gemological Institute of America. Through her, in the beautiful, small town of Ojai, in Southern California, has been created a Gallery of gemstones, jewelry and folk art that is unique in every way. Meg and her knowledgeable and very helpful staff also offer a full jewelry care and repair service. The repairs are performed by a fine craftsman and graduate jeweler of the Gemological Institute of America.

DMZ Publishing

DMZ Publishing - home of Local Hero Books, Table of Contents, Dances with Books and Your Wedding Day Magazine

CaraMina Skin Care

CaraMina Skin Care - CaraMina, Inc. is a conscious enterprise that was created to serve and support women in their pursuit of total wellness. CaraMina, Inc. holds at its core a desire to promote total well-being and to be an ambassador of hearling by providing education, information, products, community, encouragement and healthy alternatives for self-care.

Matilija Press

Matilija Press - Patricia Fry established Matilija Press when she self-published The Ojai Valley: An Illustrated History in 1983. Matilija Press has since published several additional books and counting.

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Ojai Valley Directory

Ojai Valley Directory online provides complete information for a local user, to someone visiting Ojai for the first time, and especially to those who are visiting Ojai Valley via the internet.

Ojai Creates

Ojai Creates - we are totally unique & no other store has the range of products that we do. Low prices on every imaginable kind of creative product in existence.

G.S. Stuart's Gallery of Historical Figures

G.S. Stuart's Gallery of Historical Figures is dedicated to the collection of over 400 quarter life size Figures of famous men and women in history. This task is enormous. We started with members of the French Bourbon Royal family and The Americans Groups and are gradually adding more of the groups such as the latest the Russian Figures. The Figures are in reality quarter life size, three dimensional portraits, perfect in every detail.


coffeeboy - "Here at Coffeeboy, we live to support the life of the coffeehouse -- or at least, that breed of people to whom dwelling is doing and "being" time is never wasted time. If your idea of a good time is a long conversation over perfect cappuccino or an old book and a press pot of Sumatra, then you will be at home around here. In a world bent on bigger, faster, and stronger, we say less is more, slower is more human, and true strength comes from relaxed contemplation. Help us redefine the "good life" and become a coffeeboy or coffeegirl."

Prime Solar

Prime Solar has been serving the Ojai Valley since 1984. Bill Sibner is the proprietor and is committed to saving energy by the appropriate use of solar technologies.