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Peace Thru Music

Peace Thru Music - Peace Thru Music Peace Thru Music thanks the many sponsors and supporters who make the dream a reality! is a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit organization dedicated to helping kids develop their minds through music. Peace Thru Music donates musical instruments to schools, agencies and individuals who otherwise would not be able to obtain instruments.

Studies have shown that music and the arts help children to:
• Develop creativity
• Inspire imagination
• Create independence
• Build self-esteem
• Enhance social skills
• Improve mathematical skills (spatial learning)
• Develop motor skills and coordination levels
• Facilitate attention levels in special needs children
• Reduce the anti-social behavior of "at-risk" members of society

Our children need music. And, they need to know how to create it for themselves. The inner peace that creating music brings is important for everyone, not a privileged few. The harmony of the world depends on bringing music home.