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Ojai Events

ojai-events1.gifOjai Events - visit, the master community calendar of Ojai. Find fun things to do in Ojai, from our many festivals and music events to theatre to a yoga class or art opening. Visit Ojai Events for the best Ojai has to offer.

Ojai Performing Arts League (OPAL)

Ojai Performing Arts League (OPAL) brings together a wealth of talent that collectively encourages and nurtures the growth of performing arts in Ojai through various projects. It has as its members a virtual who's who of the performing arts in Ojai, from the venues and festivals to actors, musicians, writers, playwrights and other uber-creatives.

Ojai Shakespeare Festival

Ojai Shakespeare Festival is a non-profit, community-based organization which brings to life the language, music and spirit of Shakespeare for audiences of all ages.

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Ojai Playwrights Conference

Ojai Playwrights Conference is one of the few developmental groups left that values the reading and workshop process as an important avenue through which playwrights can more fully realize their intentions with a play. Ours is a conference centered around playwrights and their new plays. We believe the theatre can be a vital and essential forum for the exchange of new and challenging ideas about the world in which we live. We seek out plays and playwrights who share this vision.

RageJax Foundation

RageJax Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes music and arts programs to at-risk children who would normally not have the opportunity available.

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Ojai Music Festival

Ojai Music Festival - Established in 1947 by music aficionado John Bauer, the Ojai Music Festival has fostered a healthy spirit of eclecticism in its adventurous programs, gaining a worldwide reputation for attracting artists who are given artistic freedom as they perform exceptional pieces of classical music.

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Ojai Lavender Festival

Ojai Lavender Festival - A gathering of more than 50 vendors beneath the oaks to tempt you with flowers and herbs, gourmet specialties, jewelry, apparel and more, including an all-day lavender oil distillation. Watch as freshly picked lavender releases its oil through the time-honored tradition of steam distillation, presented by FloraGenics Distillation Systems. Live entertainment and crafting demonstrations, too.

Ojai Film Festival

Ojai Film Festival, like the new millennium, was launched in 2000 with great vision and promise. Conceived as an independent film festival set in the enchanting town of Ojai - only 70 miles from Hollywood - the Festival has since grown into a world-class showcase nestled in the pristine mountains of Southern California.

Ojai Day

Ojai Day is an annual street fair hosted by the Recreation Department of the City of Ojai. It's main focus is to feature the work of local artists. It's an opportunity for the community to come together and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Ojai. Although only 85 miles north of Los Angeles, this small community feels likes it's in another world!

Ojai Certified Farmers Market

Ojai Certified Farmers Market - locally grown fresh fruits & vegetables harvested daily. Jams, Honey, Bees Wax Candles, Crusty European Style Breads, Fresh Locally Caught Seafood, Olive Oil, Free Range Eggs, Nuts & Dried Fruit, Tasty Prepared Food, Fresh Cut Flowers, Plants, Orchids & Bonsai Trees, Handmade Soap and much more.

The Ojai Film Society

The Ojai Film Society is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to enriching the cultural life of Ventura County, California through a variety of motion picture-related events presented throughout the year.

Great Books Seminars In Ojai

Great Books Seminars In Ojai offers small groups of interested people a unique opportunity to consider and discuss these important themes over a series of inspiring weekend seminars. Join us for a retreat in Southern California’s beautiful Ojai Valley and explore the questions that have been debated through the centuries by the greatest minds of our civilization.

Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament

Ojai Valley Tennis Tournament - Many of the greats of tennis have played in "The Ojai", including Bill Tilden, Tony Trabert, Bobby Riggs, Jack Kramer, Arthur Ashe, Billy Jean King, Pancho Gonzales, Alex Olmedo, Stan Smith, Jimmy Connors, Tracy Austin, Michael Chang, Lindsay Davenport, Pete Sampras and the Bryant twins. The "Wall of Champions" at the grandstand in Libbey Park names over 80 players who competed at Ojai, and won one or more "Grand Slam" titles as professionals.

Ojai Studio Artists

Ojai Studio Artists - Join us for this leisurely self-paced tour over the charming backroads of Ojai. Enjoy the variety within the beautiful Ojai Valley, from the pink sunsets on the Topa Topa Mountains to the orchards covering the valley floor. Visit the studios of long-time artists, favorites and newcomers.

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Ojai Storytelling Festival

Ojai Storytelling Festival - assembling an international line-up of tellers that will transport listeners around the globe. Join acclaimed storytellers Syd Lieberman, Nyla Fuji-Babb, Baba Jamal Koram, Glenis Redmond, Antonio Rocha, Niall de Burca and Jim Cogan for a weekend where stories take center stage in the beautiful setting of Ojai.

Ojai Renaissance Faire

Ojai Renaissance Faire - the glistening azure waters of Lake Casitas make a perfect background to showcase 16th century life in the "Village of Wixonshire" that will be created there for a weekend of magical involvement by participants and visitors who interact to transport themselves back in time to the glories of Queen Elizabeth's Court.

Ojai Gatherings

Ojai Gatherings - Open Discussions, sharing and living the inspirations of the world's sages in our everyday lives.