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Brett Dennen

Brett Dennen -Brett Dennen has "that thing." Inspired fans describe it: "lush shimmering vocals, an intricately groovin' guitar style, a lyrical beauty rare in a young songwriter," and "this soulful blend of everything that feels good." Rising up around him is music; transcending genres, genders and generations.

Brett's songs are joyful, with a far-reaching, universal appeal. The music wraps listeners in warmth, the vulnerability and innocence a startling contrast to the depth of songwriting maturity rarely found on a debut album. Dennen's natural voice and groovin' guitar style draw equally from rhythmic world music as from more melodic Western genres. To categorize the sound or the artist would be doing both a vast disservice.

He's an extraordinarily gifted vocalist and songwriter, non-traditionally "folk-ish", inspired by world music influences, with some cross over into jam territory. Fortunately for his enthusiastic fans, he is limited to none of these specifically, although all could be used to describe elements of his musical sensibilities.Dennen may be set to initiate an entirely new genre category with his self-titled album, which, after an initial independent release through the Southern California-based Three Angels and a Saint label, is now seeing national distribution via Flagship Recordings and Fontana Distribution.