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The Pet Psychic

The Pet Psychic - Laura Stinchfield is a nationally known dog trainer and Animal Communicator. She has trained with such people as Linda Tellington Jones, the founder of T-Touch Massage for animals. She continues to attend animal communication seminars. From her home in California, Laura has managed to communicate with hundreds of pets.

Her testimonials tell the story. From early on she knew she was different. As a baby, pets would act differently around her. By the time she became a teenager Laura realized she had the ability to communicate with animals.

From there her research led her to find formal training. She has now mastered her craft and has been featured in numerous media reports. A local police department in New York even credits her for solving a crime.

When someone stole a motorcycle from a local farm the only witnesses were three horses. As unbelievable as it sounds, Laura asked the horses for a description of the culprits.

The information was passed onto police and the suspects were arrested. The motorcycle was recovered.

Her description of the suspects and exact account of the crime were nearly exactly as it happaned. Laura did this all from her California home.

She takes pride in helping people and animals come together. Let her help you and your pet communicate.