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The Learning Springs

The Learning Springs - Laurel Springs School (LSS) is the nation’s leading accredited personalized distance learning program. In 1993 it began the world’s first online high school. Together with the Learning Springs (TLS), it has developed a powerful content and learning management system enriched with Laurel Springs’ award-winning curricula. The Learning Springs distributes Laurel Springs to a wide range of students through educational institutions, organizations, and governments worldwide.

The Learning Springs and Laurel Springs School partnership has been a driving force in innovative distance learning programs for over 25 years. LSS is accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) and NISAC (National Independent Study Accreditation Council).

The Learning Springs exclusively distributes the Laurel Springs curricula and has partners and branch offices throughout the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, East Coast, Europe and Asia. It serves students in over 50 countries.