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The Equine Sanctuary

The Equine Sanctuary - Every day hundreds of extraordinary horses are injured at the racetrack, on polo fields, and in all equestrian disciplines. These talented horses performed at the highest level in the competitive world of racing, show jumping, eventing and polo; the very horses you cheered to the finish line. They are the same caliber of professional horses behind such films as Seabiscuit, Pharlap and Dreamer.

In the process of giving their all and doing their jobs, they were injured physically or psychologically damaged. These top athletes, in one defining moment go from star champion to broken, useless financial burdens the next. They rarely find their way to retire in a green pasture. Instead, most unwanted horses end their lives in a slaughterhouse. This is the fate for even champion race horses like Ferdinand, who in 1986 won or placed in all of the coveted triple crown races.

The Equine Sanctuary provides a safe home forever for these performance horses. Using traditional and complementary medicine and with great love, kindness and training, we heal the mind, body and spirits of these beautiful animals. Most of our rehabilitated horses are successfully placed in good homes. Others stay with us as Goodwill Ambassadors for educational and therapeutic experiences with children, students, adults and the disabled. We agree with Tom Smith, Seabiscuit's trainer, when he said, “You don’t throw away a whole life just because it’s a little banged up.”