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Tottenham Court

Tottenham Court, located in the Arcade in Ojai, California, is a gift emporium, restaurant, and tea room which returns patrons to a gracious London of a time long past but fondly remembered. NOTE: THE CAFE EMPORIUM IS NO LONGER OPEN. "VESTA" NOW OCCUPIES THE SPACE.

It has become a destination for visitors and a meeting place for townspeople. It is both shop and dining place that amazingly combines the style and elegance of Belle Epoch and the razzmatazz of the best in the contemporary scene. National publications have described a multitude of things from superlative ambience to excellent food "where if a trip to London is not on your schedule, this is the next best thing."

Its giftware is assembled from around the world, much of it from Europe and particularly from Britain. Things are found here that are not available elsewhere.