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Vicki's Soap

Vicki's Soaps are made in Ojai, California and that is an important component. Her soap reflects the incredible beauty of the landscape; it's natural robust and visual impact. People tell her time after time that they have tried many natural soaps, and have never experienced one as excellent as hers.

Vicki's soaps are many layered. they have fillers such as organic oat meal and poppy seeds. She uses a variety of herbs including sandlewood, myrrh, frankensence. She uses natural color agents such as , curry, turmeric, madder root, coco, cinnamon, spirolina, nettle powder to mention a few. Vicki's soaps contain marbeling and have a cubed soap effect. They are beautiful to say the least.

Vicki's soap deserve an explanation for their popularity. It's the essential oil combination; people use them for scent as well as soap. Our objective is to produce the richest soap in the planet and to create this soap entirely by hand in our beautiful corner of the world. We'd love you try it, you'll thank us.

Vicki's Soaps are made with love by Vicki Cohen and Ivy Love. Contact 805-646-1769