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Pranazone- Meditation & Primal Music -
Is a state of "Total Body Awareness" possible?
YES it is . . .
. . . and in fact within just a few sessions most clients will begin to experience this profound state, some even on the first.

This seemingly exalted state is actually our "natural state of being" that has been veiled by layers and layers of samskaras — latent impressions of past reactions.

By honing the skill of proprioception to a fine edge, it is then possible to cut through the veils of amnesia and re-access our "natural state of being," more and more often.

Through continued practice it is then possible to begin to maintain higher and higher levels of "remembrance" throughout our daily lives, and ultimately to become so aware that we no longer form any new samskaras.
What does a state of "Total Body Awareness" feel like?


Prana E. S. Miller
* Certified Ananda Hatha Yoga Teacher
* Certified Integrative Yoga Therapist
* Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Levels I and II
* Between 1990 - 2001 Prana sat and served over 30 Ten-day Silent Meditation Intensives around the world
* B. A. Anthropology Southern Methodist University
* Exchange student - Kwansei Gakuin University, Nishinomia-shi, Japan
* Founding Father and Charter President of Southern Methodist University's Student Law Society
* "Leadership Development Program VII" Graduate, Colorado Outward Bound School
* "International Archeology Program," Fort Bergwin Research Center, Taos, New Mexico
* Author of "The Art and Science of Pranic Drumming"
* Prana began to practice yogic semen retention in his late 20's, in association with Tantric and Taoist practices. Since 1996, he has let go of only one seed (with full conscious intention)
* Prana speaks Spanish, Portuguese and French