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Julia Pfeifer Bead Design

Julia Pfeifer Bead Design - As a master beadweaver and designer of distinctive beaded art wear, Julia Pfeifer has perfected a wide variety of techniques. She has concentrated her dexterity on one of the most intricate of beadweaving mediums, microbeading. Each antique Italian bead is smaller than the head of a pin (18-20 ott), enabling Julia to design and render intricate pictorial pieces of extraordinary dimension and shading, a feat virtually impossible to accomplish with other mediums. Due to the increasing scarcity of these beads, which have not been produced since the 1920’s, each of these woven pieces is a collectors item. Inspired by her earlier work in textiles design, in which subtle colors and textures were key to her creations, Julia employs unique and innovative use of traditional stitches to achieve the desired complexity for her original, custom beadwork designs.

Julia Pfeifer Bio

Each piece of the Julia Pfeifer Collection exemplifies dedication to excellence in detail. Designed and masterfully created by Julia Pfeifer herself, Julia Pfeifer jewelry is irreproachably refined and meticulously crafted. At the age of 14, Julia received her first bead loom and began perfecting her artistry. Today, she is recognized as an award winning master bead-weaver who has cultivated her own unique techniques and applications through her devotion to the craft. The quality and complexity that is intimately instilled into each Julia Pfeifer piece is evidenced by the romance, integrity and beauty that ultimately transcends to the wearer.

julia pfeifer bead design

Julia graduated from New York University with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. After an exploration in textiles, Julia found her love for rare antique Italian seed beads and concentrated her art on intricate beadwork as her primary medium for expressing her artistic visions. “The way in which they shine, their shape, beauty, and texture surprise and inspire me.” In 1984 she was introduced to “micro beads” the smallest beads in the world (16-20 ott). These incredibly tiny beads are so small and available in such a wide variety of natural colors that they enable Julia to pursue her passion for true pictorial beadwork. She now specializes in devoting her experience, talent and emotion to pictorial and custom bead-weaving.

For over 20 years, Julia has rendered pictorial pieces of extraordinary dimension and shading on ceremonial items, boots, jewelry, clothing and accessories. It has taken years for all of the layers of her craftsmanship and artistry to culminate in perfection. One piece builds on another, as with petals unfolding, leading to a beautiful body of work. Julia is recognized as a master-beader and a leader in her craft and while her portfolio includes creating for a-list retailers, manufacturers, dignitaries and celebrities, she continues to hone her skills, extend her abilities and seek inspiration, as well as share her craft with others through apprenticeships. Julia Pfeifer truly approaches her craft as a spiritual journey in which she hopes to encounter elements of mystery and discovery by transforming her passion into precious objects.


Julia Pfeifer is located at 910 Devereux Street, Ojai, California 93023. Contact her at: 805.646.0477 or