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Reinhard Studio

Reinhard studied design and composition in his native Germany. In 1961, he entered the United States, at the age of twenty, to continue his education at the Art Center School in Los Angeles. Within the next fifteen years, his productivity spanned from dozens of animated TV commercials, to motion picture titles, to more than a hundred life-sized paper sculptures and scenic set designs for major network variety shows and TV specials, such as: Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Diana Ross, Bill Cosby and Carol Brunett to name a few.

In 1974, Reinhard dissolved his studio in Hollywood to apply his talents to the area of graphic design and illustration, and to relocate to Westport, Connecticut. Being represented by Cullen Rapp, one of the top agents in New York, he created a great variety of illustrations for the advertising and publishing industry, including, Max Factor, New York Times, Seagram, and Coca Cola, and has received Numerous awards from the Society of Illustrators.

He resumed his academic training at the Art Center School in Los Angeles and the School of Visual Arts in New York. In 1976, Reinhard published a series of fine art posters and prints, many of which have musical motifs in a delightfully humorous fantasy setting. His best known work, "The Rehearsal", a four-by-six foot sculpture of the Alban Berg String Quartet, earned him acclaim throughout the world. It has been shown in the Oakland Art Museum, Mint Museum in North Carolina, and the Historical Society Museum in New York City.

The growing interest by galleries and art collectors for limited edition paper sculptures (also called multiple originals), inspired Reinhard to invent a process in which the actual original is cast in resin without compromising the slightest detail, but preserving all the true characteristics and pristine qualities of the original paper sculpture.

Within the last five years, his work has taken a distinct departure by exploring a new direction of non representational, "self contained", paper sculptures. A blank sheet of paper undergoes fascinating transformations, by cutting, tearing, and manipulating, without removing anything or adding from another source. Based to some degree on geometric principals, his love for humor and playfulness is evident, as is his acute sense for design, aesthetics, and clarity.

Reinhard's free standing sculptures are of geometric origin, as well. They evoke a compelling illusion of movement, action, and attitude, within the concept of simplicity.

His work has been exhibited in over 200 galleries worldwide and is in public and private collections.
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