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Your Car Angel

car-shaman.jpgYour Car Angel - Face it, buying a car can be a real hassle and take up a great deal of your valuable time. Unless of course you hire someone who really knows cars and can help you with this critical purchase. My Name is Greg Macke and when it comes to understanding which cars are the safest, most reliable on the market or knowing the latest Hybrid technologies, I can help. I make the car buying experience pleasant and efficient.

By working with Fleet departments of many dealerships I have negotiating power far exceeding any deal that the regular consumer can hope for. In the end, new or used, I save you money.

But money isn’t all you save by utilizing my services. You save a massive amount of time and headaches. Whether you buy from a dealership or private party you will have someone who is an expert at inspecting cars for previous damages and checking a cars’ history or simply knowing hidden dealer bonuses. I become your experienced guide, technician, negotiator and closer. I am in short, Your Personal Car Buying Assistant.

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What I do for you:

First, I provide you with an absolutely free initial consultation that will help you get focused on the kind of car that best suits your needs.

If after this initial free consultation you decide that you would like to proceed, I ask for a small retaining fee so I can set out on my detailed search to find the car that meets your specific criteria. This is the hard work for me as I will generally weed through hundreds of ads, speak with dozens of owners or dealerships and narrow it down to about 3 or 4 cars that have passed the muster of my initial investigation documenting the complete history of the car, pre-screening it for any accidents, ownership transfers, mileage and title tampering. After this I will have found the car that fits both your criteria and my intense screening process.

I then bring you into the fold. Remember, there is never any pressure to buy. Once the car is in front of us, I physically inspect it for any previous damage, abuse and paint work. I also look at the maintenance records. If new, I navigate the hidden incentives and cash rebates dealers get from the manufacturer. After you agree it is the car for you, I negotiate on your behalf, assisting you with paperwork, making the process easy and enjoyable!

Contact Your Car Angel today! Call my cell: (805) 407-5133. Or email me at