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Summit Elementary School

Summit Elementary School - Summit Elementary School is located in Ojai, California. This school is a public school with grade levels Kindergarten thru Sixth Grade. There are approximately 57 students at this school. There are 3 teachers. This makes the student to teacher ratio 19 students to 1 teacher. The national average is 15 which means this school has more students in the classroom than most.

There are 4 students in Kindergarten, 6 in Grade 1, 11 in Grade 2, 9 in Grade 3, 14 in Grade 4, 5 in Grade 5, 8 in Grade 6 . Fourth Grade has the highest number of enrolled students. In this school there are 25 male students and 32 female students making the female students exceed the number of male students in this school. The student ethnic body is comprised of 33 white students, 2 asian/pacific islander, 21 hispanic, 0 african american students and 1 native american students.