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Remy Sol Coffee

Remy Sol CoffeeRemy Sol Coffee brings you exquisite artisan coffee directly from the source: 100% delicious Dota/Tarrazu coffee, roasted in small batches by a cooperative of small farmers who grow, pick and mill the beans. The Dota-Tarrazu region, with its elevation (4500-6000 feet), volcanic soils and cloud forest climate, is widely recognized as consistently producing one of the world’s finest coffees, noted for its rich aroma, forward acidity and complex flavors.

100% Pure Arabica Coffee - Remy SolRemy Sol Coffee is brought to you by Jeff Furchtenicht and Kim Sleder, a husband and wife team who discovered this wonderful coffee while on sabbatical in Costa Rica. Because Remy Sol Coffee is roasted to order and shipped directly from the farmers, by choosing Remy Sol single-source coffee, you are helping to maintain the tradition of excellent coffee by directly supporting the farmers who produce it. Because we go direct, farmers are paid more, and have the satisfaction of knowing you are enjoying the fruits of their best efforts in every cup. You drink a distinctive, true single-source coffee, delivered to your door at prices comparable to those offered by specialty roasters of commodity blends.

Better for the Farmer. Better in Your Cup.