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Libbey Park

Libbey Park, Ojai, CaliforniaLocated on the south side of Ojai Ave., adjacent to art galleries and shops, a bike path, tennis courts, a pergola and the post office tower, Libbey Park is the magnificent centerpiece of downtown Ojai. Wandering paths meander through oak trees, gradually revealing first the wooden box office and then Libbey Bowl, the one-of-a-kind outdoor ampitheatre. Beyond the bike path lies the old jail, a creek and more tennis courts. Edward Drummond Libbey was the glass tycoon and philanthropist whose vision gave rise to much of today's unique downtown Ojai.

Kids in Ojai: the playground at Libbey Park
sturdy climbing, sliding and adventuring, a tire swing and cushy sand. Parents can watch from a bench in the shade or call dibs on the tire swing.
kids playground at Libbey Park Ojai

The Bike Path in Downtown OjaiThe Ventura-Ojai Bike Path
Up to sixteen miles depending on where you start and finish, the bike path is a paved trail that follows the old railroad route that used to bring supplies and well- t'do passengers up from San Buenaventura.

The Ojai Jail, Libbey Park, Ojai, CAThe Ojai Jail is a stout structure with four small cells that never had a breakout. It sits just south of the bike path, a quaint reminder of the Ojai past.

Ojai tennis courts in Libbey ParkThe Ojai tennis courts are frequently in use - locals, school teams, the Weil Tennis Academy and the legendary century-plus Ojai Valley
Tennis Tournament

The Ojai post office towerThe Ojai post office tower plays it's song and counts the time every hour during the day. It's a reminder - to walk down to the Ojai Organic Farmers Market on a Sunday, to meet for an early cocktail at Movino, or to lament when it is past Rainbow Bridge's closing time. It's the place where you turn left, where Signal is a signal. It's an honorable and appreciated gift to the city of Ojai from its benefactor, Edward Drummond Libbey.

Libbey Bowl, home of numerous festivals and performances, from classical music to premiere films to down home fiddlin'. Trees grow up through the main seating. At night, the canopy reveals glimpses of stars and the moon.

Libbey Bowl photos