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The Healing Arts Council of Ojai

The Healing Arts Council of Ojai is a not-for-profit, service organization of health care practitioners dedicated to the highest standards of their profession, and committed to increasing public awareness of the benefits of complementary medicine and natural holistic therapies. We acknowledge health as the harmonious function of body, mind and spirit, and strive to further co-operation among all healing arts professionals, and to empower our clients / patients on their journey toward wholeness.

The Healing Arts Council of Ojai recognizes the need to inform the public of holistic therapy options that complement medical care. HACO members are drawn together by the philosophy that acknowledges the body's inherent wisdom and ability to heal itself, and accepts health as the balanced function of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This philosophy underlies our different healing approaches as we work with our clients /patients to facilitate the healing process and restore wholeness.