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Alpha Sensory

Alpha Sensory Multi Sensory Design - ALPHA SENSORY invites qualified therapists, healers, and practitioners to inner-journey within personal "multisensory environments". These prototype systems bring together sophisticated mind-body technologies into a single synergetic tool integrating wraparound visuals, 3-D sound, tactile stimulation and a unique, patented aromatherapy delivery system. Personalized experiences with advanced biofeedback interface, totally controllable by the therapist.

Both system prototypes are currently located in Ojai, California.

Alpha Sensory has complete access to those prototypes and is in the process of developing multisensory software programs for various modalities. We would like to collaborate with therapists and other healing professionals in their creation, which we plan to distribute in various media formats around the globe. At the same time, those therapists may have the option to bring their own clients to our studio to experience the new creations with the prototype. Alpha Sensory will provide the assistance of a system hardware and/or software designer and system operator.