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Catherine Ann Jones

Catherine Ann Jones - The Way of Story offers an integrative approach to writing narrative, combining solid craft with experiential inner discovery. Craft alone is not enough. No other writing workshop offers the solid craft to guarantee a good story along with the intangible inner dimensions of writing. The transformation of good writing depends on making it one�s own from within.

* For writers of all levels & all narrative forms including plays, screenplays, stories, novels, & memoir
* Seven Steps to Story Structure
* Create memorable characters & dialogue
* Balancing craft with intuitive skills
* Access and free your potential story

As C.G. Jung knew,

"Ultimately, everything depends on the quality of the individual..."

I teach not from theory but as a working writer. That is why I know the hardest part is sitting down.

Cathrine Ann Jones is in possession of a powerful talent... nothing is more rare in my opinion.
-Norman Mailer

Award-winning New York playwright and Hollywood screenwriter, Cathrine Ann Jones, with over twenty years experience as a professor at major universities, offers unique writing workshops for all narrative forms of writing including plays, screenplays, memoir, novels, stories. (She is also available as an individual story & script consultant.)