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Ojai Valley Sanitary District

The Ojai Valley Sanitary District provides sanitary sewer service for about 20,000 residents of the CIty of Ojai and the unincorporated Ojai Valley. It collects and transports wastewater for treatment at the Ojai Valley Treatment Plant and disposes of effluent and sludge.

The District is a public agency organized under the Sanitary District Act of 1923 and is governed by an elected seven member Board. The District office, collection system, and wastewater treatment plant are operated by 15 full time employees.

The District's collection system consists of approximately 120 miles of trunk and main sewer lines.

The Ojai Valley Sanitary District originated in May, 1985 as a result of the consolidation of the Ventura Avenue, Oak View, and Meiners Oaks Sanitary Districts, and the Sanitation Department of the City of Ojai. The predecessor Districts were established in the early 1960's in conjunction with construction of the Oak View Treatment Plant which served them as well as the City of Ojai. Ojai's oldest sections were originally served by sewers and a treatment plant built in the 1920's.