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Ojai Trolley Service

Ojai Trolley Service, established in 1989, is owned and operated by the City of Ojai. The Trolley provides daily fixed-route transportation to Ojai and Meiners Oaks and services approximately 10,000 riders/month.

The Ojai Trolley Service is overseen by the Transit Operations Supervisor and the Public Works Department. Staff includes 12 part-time drivers, a full-time Driver Supervisor, the Transit Operations Supervisor, and the city mechanic.

The Ojai Trolley is a well-known feature in the Ojai Valley and, in addition to fixed-route responsibilities, participates in many local community events, fund raising activities, community service and educational functions, and charter services.

Through a cooperative agreement with the County, the Ojai Trolley Service serves Meiners Oaks and Mira Monte, in addition to the City of Ojai.