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Nordhoff High School

Nordhoff High School

Graduation Goals

Academic Literacy

All students will acquire an essential body of knowledge. They will learn to work with the core materials from all disciplines as defined by the California State Standards. They will be held accountable to the basic precepts and skills that define technological literacy.

All students will demonstrate critical thinking skills. They will learn to synthesize, analyze, interpret, and evaluate what they see, hear, and read. They will demonstrate the ability to access the necessary information needed to formulate a hypothesis, test it, and come to a conclusion.

All students will learn to practice effective communication. They will practice good listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Emotional and Physical Health

All students will learn the attributes of emotional, psychological, and physical health. They will learn that life long wellness is the by-product of a healthy relationship between the affective, cognitive, and corporeal domains.

Life Planning

All students will understand the relevancy of their studies. They will be actively engaged with their counselors, teachers, and parents in the creation of their own learning plans, which will serve as the road map into, through, and beyond a student’s high school experience. Reflective in nature, it will keep students centered on their present and future educational and career goals.

Social Responsibility

All students will learn to be citizens who practice responsibility. They will learn the advantages of diversity in a multi-cultural society. They will demonstrate the values of accountability and practice prompt, consistent attendance. They will learn to practice environmental responsibility.