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Los Padres Forest Association

Los Padres Forest Association is the official non-profit cooperating association for the Los Padres National Forest. LPFA Volunteers provide a number of needed services ranging from wilderness patrol and acting as site stewards for our precious heritage resources; to helping us take care of our trails and providing interpretive and educational services at our visitor centers.

Volunteer Clearinghouse
Get involved in helping us take care of the forest through one of the many volunteer programs the LPFA sponsors. Caring for the land is an important goal of the LPFA. Sign up to become a volunteer and help us keep our local mountains in great shape!

Forest Information
The LPFA is in the process of developing a wide-ranging database of information and images of the forest and surrounding communities. Learn more about what we offer and how you can help us build the database.

Grant Program
The LPFA supports forest-care projects through our new grant program. Starting next year the LPFA will be awarding up to 10 new grants for volunteer projects ranging from several hundred to as much as $500.

Education & Interpretation Program
For more than 20 years the LPFA has operated sales programs at each of the forest outlets and for the last ten years has operated the Wheeler Gorge Visitor Center. Learn more about our interpretive programs at the Center.