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Feast Bistro of Ojai

Feast Bistro of Ojai is a bistro-style restaurant where Chef Susan Coulter offers her gourmet New American cuisine which uses the ideas and traditions of classic cuisine as a springboard for her imagination, allowing her to create new dishes by combining locally-grown, seasonal ingredients with the classic techniques that perfect them.

Feast Bistro of Ojai at

The concept of Feast Bistro was created in 2005 by Chef Susan L. Coulter and Elio Zarmati, an Ojai writer and publisher. Their intention was to fill the gap between high-end restaurants and low-end eateries by offering healthy gourmet food for everyone at affordable prices—a haven for food lovers, affectionately known as foodies, in the Ojai Valley and beyond.

What else is feast bistro?

A wine bar/espresso and tea bar open for patrons to enjoy through the day, at “happy hour” and late into the evening. The finest local wines and beers are served, along with the best fair-trade organic coffees and teas. Mouth-watering Belgian chocolates and pastries from local bakers complete the offering.

A deli and food retail space where customers can buy the finest local food products, including wine, oils and vinegar, mustard, condiments and fine canned foods. A few daily specials in the Take-Out du Jour food section caters to the busy professionals with young families and to anyone not in a mood to cook who wants to eat at home.

A wine tasting bar where local vintners such as Bill Moses of Casa Barranca present their finest wines on a regular basis. Occasionally, local breweries present their beers and tea-makers like Zhena’s Gypsy Teas offer samplings of their finest products.

A cooking school where Chef Susan and a variety of local chefs teach the fine points of gourmet cooking.

A catering service where Chef Susan's numerous fans always enjoy ordering for their weddings and parties.